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Birthday Party& Winter Solstice

Birthday Party& Winter Solstice 2019-03-14 Learn more>>

Birthday Party& Winter SolsticeTime:25-28th,2016Address:Madrid, SpainBooth No:Hall 2, 2B04FDecember 22th,2018 is a Chin

Management team

Management team 2019-03-04 Learn more>>

Management team attend outdoor trainingTime:25-28th,2016Address:Madrid, SpainBooth No:Hall 2, 2B04F10th, December,2018 O

We have moved??

We have moved?? 2019-01-16 Learn more>>

6F,Building 6,Tangwei Third Industrial Zone,Fenghuang Street,Guangming New District, Shenzhen, China The factory expands from 3,000 Square meters to 5,000 Square meters